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LARSON Gifts 100 Doors in an Effort to Connect and Protect Americans Most in Need During the COVID19 Pandemic

by Amanda Bechen | Aug 19, 2020

As life came to a grinding halt at the end of March, Larson Companies watched their products transform entryways like never before; Americans found comfort using their storm doors to display messages of hope with the world. Families spent time together cutting out hearts for #aworldofhearts, planning matching outfits for their #frontstepsproject portrait, and transforming their storm door into a beautiful temporary stained glass window to celebrate Easter. The act of being together, but apart, meant keeping each other safe while letting light and hope flood into homes across America.

600x315 - 400 Doors Opt2With social distancing, protective barriers and no-contact deliveries part of the new normal, LARSON Companies developed the 20 Doors per Week contest, where they encouraged Americans to nominate those in most need of a new storm door. One hundred winners were selected at random. LARSON storm doors were then built, shipped and installed in communities across the U.S. 


“Weathering the Storm Together” became a natural marketing theme for the leading manufacturer of storm doors, storm windows and retractable screens. For over 65 years, the company has taken pride in building products in the heart of the U.S. that keep families protected and connected.

Employees representing every LARSON department read each nomination and selected winners at random. With approximately 1,400 contest nominations, the company found a great need for front line workers, furloughed workers, those that are immunocompromised and elderly.

LARSON received powerful stories from families. Here are a few winning nominations:

Winner Jean King

Nomination: My 94-year-old grandmother who has shown us all what it means to live for someone. She has four children, eight grandchildren, twenty-two great grandchildren, and four great-great grandchildren. She still lives in her own home… We miss her terribly and this door would be perfect for seeing her and keeping her safe at the same time.

Winner Leonard Imiola

Nomination: My dad and mom have been homebound since January due to my dad’s illness. The pandemic has furthered his isolation away from family and visitors. Their front door is used to receive medical deliveries and their homebound status is more isolating as every day passes.

Winner Chelsea Bingen

Nomination: “ She is an RN working night shift caring for Covid19 patients on the med/surg floor at our local hospital. Due to her exposure to the virus, we can't be together, so we do "porch visits," and stay six feet apart. However, if the weather is not nice, it'd be great to still talk to her through a storm door. Right now she just has a steel front door that lets in little light.  I'd love to surprise her, with your help, with a new door and let the light shine in!”

Winner Gordon Walz

Nomination: “The person nominated is my father. I am a physician in the area and he is elderly with severe respiratory issues. Unfortunately, medical costs have outweighed home updates and this is not only one need they have but would allow me to see them without entering the home. Their current storm door has no glass and is not sealed well. I’m trying to keep my distance, but it’s safer for me to be out than them for supplies.”

Winner Brenley and Brixton Murray

Nomination: “Brenley & Brixten are 3 year old twins born with a fatally terminal genetic lung disease, Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is a defect in their cells that causes thick sticky mucus to build inside all of their organs, like their lungs and that thick sticky mucus becomes the ultimate breeding ground for big scary viruses and bacteria that cause some major irreversible damage. It also effects more than just their lungs; it effects their sinus, digestive system, pancreas, liver, kidneys, and reproductive system. It takes 20 to 30 pills a day just for them to be able to eat and absorb proper nutrients and vitamins to maintain and gain weight. They inhale multiple medications and sit hours a day attached to machines that shake out and break up the mucus inside their lungs. Distance is their best defense to stay healthy, although isolation is sadly something they’re really good at, especially during cold/flu season. Cystic fibrosis has taken so much normal from their lives already, coronavirus continues to take the little things from their lives. Like the hugs from grandma and grandpa, seeing friends, playing at the park, and the possibility of being able to live a full normal life from here on. We pray and fight each and every day so that one day CF won’t stand for Cystic Fibrosis but rather Cure Found. And that one day they get to say I used to have Cystic fibrosis.”

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