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LARSON Launches New Security Line: SecurePRO™

by Katie Grayson | Dec 01, 2013
Larson Manufacturing, the leading storm door and window manufacturer in the U.S., launches a SecurePRO™ line to their traditional security products as a way for homeowners to increase security while protecting the appearance and architecture of their home.


The SecurePRO™ storm doors and storm windows are made with a state-of-the-art stainless steel mesh screen as the core component. The stainless steel mesh screen is immune to knives, and strong enough to be kicked or hit with a blunt object.

 Security Storm Door and Security Windows

“We developed the product as an alternative to unsightly door and window bars. Other products out there but they tend to be clunky in appearance with numerous fasteners,” Larson Manufacturing Director of Development Bruce Thomas said. “Our system cleaned up the look of security.”


The SecureP​RO™ line of doors include a multi-point lock hardware that, according to Thomas, provides homeowners "a look for both strength and elegance" when it comes to their security.  


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