The Lazy Girl's Guide To Energy Efficiency

by Katie Grayson | Feb 01, 2016

Engery Efficiency Made Easy

I don’t know about you but when it comes to energy efficiency my eyes glaze over and it starts to sound like a lot of work.

Have no fear; I’m here to break down the work of making your home energy efficient with my Lazy Girl’s Guide to Energy Efficiency.


  • You know that iPad charger that isn’t charging anything? Unplug that! The toaster that you use in the morning, but not throughout the day? Unplug it. These may be small things, but over time they help you save on your energy bill.
Turn it off
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know what mom taught us about switching off the light, but we’re all guilty of leaving it on. That goes for TVs too! Set a timer if you know you’re going to fall asleep instead of having it run all night.
Computer Savvy
  • Set your computer to sleep mode when not in use. It uses much less energy in this mode.
  • Ditch the screen saver. Screensavers actually increase your computer’s energy usage because they make it work harder than a sleep mode.
Block Drafts
  • That stripping around your doors and windows, yeah that’s weather-stripping. It gets used and abused so make sure that it’s fully intact and check for wear. This is a simple fix that keeps drafts out.
  • Adding storm doors and windows gives the openings in your home and added layer of protection.


Temperature control


  • If you’re really forgetful (or lazy) like me, you’ll want to invest in a thermostat that’s programmable. Program your thermostat to adjust to down hours when you’re not home.



There you have it. Energy efficiency made simple.