Secure Your Home Beautifully

by Katie Grayson | Jun 15, 2015

Protecting your home can be beautiful. Our SecurePRO™ doors provide curb appeal and peace of mind.

Security doors no longer mean traditional doors with bars. Our SecureP​RO™ doors are built tough with a 1 ½ inch thick heavy-duty aluminum frame and feature a full steel mesh screen to combine style and security.

security storm door and window

The multi-point locking system with re-keyable deadbolt secures in three places and the durable frame meets the highest industry impact force standards, giving you the ultimate protection.

The SecurePRO™ storm doors and storm windows are made with a state-of-the-art stainless steel mesh screen as the core component. The stainless steel mesh screen is immune to knives, and strong enough to be kicked or hit with a blunt object.

Additionally, the SecureP​RO™ line of doors include a multi-point lock hardware that provides strength and elegance​.