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How to Buy - Measuring for a Storm Door

Measure the opening width (horizontally) as shown, referring to the following diagrams below. Take three measurements, one across the top, middle and bottom of the door (A, B, C). Record the narrowest dimension.

Measure the opening height (vertically) as shown (D). Record the shortest dimension.

Doorway Opening Size Guide

1-in. wide x 1-in. deep mounting surface is required. Hinge-side shimming may be required to fit existing opening. Use an appropriate shim thickness to reduce the opening to size noted. Shims are not included - household shim materials may include paint stir sticks or wooden yardsticks.

Doorway Opening Size Guide
Door Sizes
Opening Width
(no shim required)
Opening Width
(shim required)
Shim to this
Opening Width
Min. - Max.
30-in x 81-in 29-7/8-in — 30-in 30 1/16-in — 30-3/8-in 29 7/8-in — 30-in 80-in
32-in x 81-in 31-7/8-in — 32-in 32 1/16-in — 32-3/8-in 31 7/8-in — 32-in
34-in x 81-in 33-7/8-in — 34-in 34 1/16-in — 34-3/8-in 33 7/8-in — 34-in
36-in x 81-in 35-7/8-in — 36-in 36 1/16-in — 36-3/8-in 35 7/8-in — 36-in

Measuring your storm door opening

Storm door measuring guide